10:53 da manhã

For a day (and night) at the  The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas I created 3 looks
A more casual look for a tastefully brunch in the Wicked Spoon
a more sophisticated styling for a dinner at the Jaleo Restaurant,
and a glamorous styling for an evening at the Marquee.

Concept and Styling Susana Jacobetty
Photo and Design João Bacelar
Make up Inês Pais
Hair Isabel Serra for Make it Happen
Model Debora Sabbo (Central Models)

Brunch at the Wicked Spoon
Shirt, cardigan and pants Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fendi bag at Loja das Meias store, Basilius by Pedro Pedro shoes at ComCor store.

Dinner at the Jaleo Restaurant
Michael Kors dress and Stella McCartney clutch at Loja das Meias store, Basilius by Pedro Pedro sandals at ComCor store.

and a night out at the Marquee

Pedro Pedro dress at ComCor store, Lola Cruz clutch and Dior shoes at Loja das Meias store.

For this day the fragrance I suggest is the Perfume Womanity.


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