1:55 da tarde

Katty Xiomara abstract FW1819 collection pattern, inspired artist JAS to paint a artwork. Katty used this work as a background for her fashion show.

Photography and Design by João de Bettencourt Bacelar
Styling Susana Jacobetty
Production Assistant Maria Jacobetty Bacelar
Model Isabella Central Models
at Portugal Fashion FW1819
with Katty XiomaraNicole Brand, Carla Pontes, Anabela Baldaque, Beatriz Bettencourt 
and Pé de Chumbo / showroom Brand Up

Katty Xiomara FW1819

Nicole Brand FW1819


Carla Pontes FW1819

Anabela Baldaque FW1819

Beatriz Bettencourt FW1819

Pé de Chumbo FW1819

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